Our regular customers have a clear favorite on our menu. Our famous duck curry is loved by many (including us, obviously!). And besides the fact that it tastes absolutely divine, duck itself is a great choice for many reasons…

Duck is one of the most sustainable poultry choices you can make as a diner or a chef. In addition to duck rearing operations generally being low cost to run, ducks are also foragers. This means they feed predominantly off bugs and pests that naturally occur on the land.

Duck is also very good for you! It is high in iron, calcium and selenium along with vitamin B3. Thought duck was a high calorie choice? It may surprise you to know that without the skin, duck has less calories than a skinless chicken breast! Super, super tasty and super good for you!

So if the description on the menu, the Urban Spoon pictures and the delicious smell wafting through the restaurant hasn’t tempted you already, will you be ordering our famous green duck curry next time you visit the Great Eastern Hakka Restaurant?